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Hi, I am new here and wanted to share my experience and ask for more insight. For the past few years I have had an awesome therapy done. I have had full body massage, reflexology, and a few other modalities performed, but nothing has compared to this. I actually heard about this from an interview with Drew Barrymore. I have had it done primarily for stress relief, but have found it has also helped with pain and allergies, I am guessing due to endorphine release and the stimulation of reflexes.
My therapist works strictly on the feet, using a variety of techniques from finger stroking, light scratching, feathers (both ends) etc. And yes, it completely overwhelmes the senses and is extremely intense. I laugh almost continuously which oddly puts me into a parasympathetic state. I am one of those people who cannot stop thinking, even during a full body massage, but this tickling technique blocks everything completely out but the sensation. When she is finished I am completely, COMPLETELY relaxed and have even fallen asleep during the five minute cool-down. It is the most awesome massage I have ever had.

I recently showed it to another massage therapist and she said over and over, "I would never have believed it!" and later told me how it got her through a following day or two of stress. She said it was the best foot massage experience she has ever had! Anyhow, this whole technique thoroughly fascinates me. ANyone else ever heard of it? If I can explain further, just ask...
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  • Oh, I forgot to add this. I found the following quote from a now defunct website called "Sensitivity Mapping" which was linked to a Reflexology site:
    "The wild, uninhibited laughter of a child, as opposed to the more cerebral laughter of an adult, can be attained by a prolonged and intense tickling of the soles of the feet. Considered torture by some, tickling itself can actually be a great way to relieve stress if the recipient can handle the stimulation and surrender to the sensation. This is easier said than done-tickling is confusing, a literal love/hate relationship, as the mind says, "yes" and the body screams, "No". Tickling can be perceived as both pleasure and pain, like an itch that cannot be scratched. It is this quandary that the body both craves and resists, sometimes simutaneously. Specifically, tickling the sensory-rich soles of the feet bring other stress relieving factors [reflexology/nerve stimulation] into play as well. Tickling and laughter are both mysterys that in years have received much deserved attention."

    I am not saying this quote is a direct tie-in but it seems to lend evidence to the therapy. I am so curious to learn more but keep running into dead ends. Please HELP!
    • Hi, I an not an LMT yet BUT at the same time have advertised [and been very successful] in NYC. After having the 2nd female client request that I "scratch" instead of massage her feet, I began to take notes. My belief is that that the endorphin release in the light tickling is controllable because you can modify the intensity of the tickling. And YES, I have found this to help people very much - especially a technique I used on a woman who is on her feet all day modeling. The endorphin release has a healing effect. As of late I have experimented with what I like to call multi-vector stimulation where I use other devices to stimulate other receptors on the body while the feet ticking is happening. If anyone is interested in discussing this further please let me know but I am now increasing my advertising to include this method.
  • I have been a body worker for 16 years and in the last 4-5 years finish with a light touch......but i am empathic and use that to flirt with the body on to the edge of a tickle.

    My only fetish is tickling and my wife is not ticklish so I must be ever cautious to ensure it is to wake and connect on a different level with who I am working on and not for my pleasure.

    The excitement of a near tickle is powerful.

    The full fledged tickle I use only on consent and with full disclosure. And it is an energy awaking as well as a chemical one. In the end you must be a little of a sadist to tickle long and hard enough to be beneficial in a release manner. Yes I have had women orgasm ....hard with just a relentless tickle ( pardon....must leave now the memories are too rich)
  • There are several You Tube video on this. They are in spanish. Apparently some body worker in Central America, I think.
    Try Risoterapia to find them. BTW Quandry is your massuse in the Chicago Areo?

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