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topic posted Wed, May 3, 2006 - 7:04 PM by  nux
so, i am wondering, does anyone have any insight as to why i might have this intense dislike of certain surfaces? example, and the worst one: cut wet wood. wet natural wood (branches, sticks, etc.) does not bother me....but wooden spoons in the dishes, wet boards, etc....UGH! and it's always been like that for me! i loathe rough surfaces and get the willies just thinking about them. i can't stand to see my kid playing with a popsicle stick, and tounge depressors, well, the idea just turns my stomach! BEH!

i crave silks, good velvets, fine textures. just looking at rough, poor quality materials makes me cringe that i might have to touch it.

ok so this doesn't run my life, but it's weird, and i wonder if anyone else has this or knows what might cause something like this.
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    Mon, May 8, 2006 - 9:14 AM
    Sounds like a memory from another life making itself known as a way to heal something from that time (notice I did not say then - all Now).

    Try giving it permission to be there, embracing those feelings as they arise, deeper and deeper, all of the feelings... as they expereince that perhpas they show you what is underneath to be rewritten.
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      Tue, May 9, 2006 - 5:58 PM
      yeah that's what i have been figuring....all i get on it is being stranded in an ocean or large body of water, not knowing how to swim, but holding onto a broken board from a shipwreck but dying at sea anyhow. when i think of that picture i get the willies about that wet wood texture.

      sounds to me also that the other poster (can't see names when responding, sorry) might be having a hanging by accident flashback....

      damn those death pictures! :)
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    Mon, May 8, 2006 - 11:03 PM
    My heart squeezing phobias are......

    I cannot stand to watch, or even think about, like right now,
    a) dogs fetching balls, sticks, etc., with their leashes flying wildly between their legs. I imagine them tripping on their leashes, and seriously hurting themselves.

    b) any movie that shows stage coaches, wagons, or the like, with a hitch of one, or worse, more horses, running. If this comes up in a movie I am watching I have to look away, which only partially alleviates my tremendous discomfort.

    If I hang washing on the line and the wind whips up, even in the middle of the night, I have to take it from the clothesline.

    I can keep away from the horse one, but the dog one is a big problem for me. If I peg out washing I always make sure I rescue it in advance of any wind.

    I empathize with you Nux. Namaste.
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    Mon, July 3, 2006 - 11:45 AM
    My son has this same texture thing involving fabrics and foods. He's had it all his life. Before he was old enough to talk certain textures would make him cry.
    He was undergoing some neurological tests for an unrelated problem and it turned out that the neurons in his brain fired slightly differently than most people's.
    I asked the doctors about the texture thing and they said it could absolutely cause that kind of response.
    Certain nerves are overstimulated, and sensations can be unbearable. There's nothing that can be done medically, but I'll bet hypnosis could override it.
    Food for thought.
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      Mon, July 3, 2006 - 11:51 AM
      I've worked with a couple of people who had phobias around public showers as in gym's or schools. Both brought back memories of being in among women who were shaven and then sent into the "showers" with their mothers in death camps during WW2. Both consciously healed those memories and easily go into public showers now.
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        Mon, July 3, 2006 - 11:54 AM
        BTW, that was not the original complaint, just a by-product they recognized and acknowledged in the process of healing themselves.
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    Wed, July 12, 2006 - 9:42 AM
    yes I cant stand certain fabrics. If the texture is wrong and it touches my skin I cant hardly contain myself. I am so picky about fabric it drives me insane, and it worsens on some days. I hate anything binding as well. I have been that way since iwas a kid and sometimes just getting dressed can be an event, followed by a whirwind of clothes across the bedroom. I guess we are just very sensetive, I have learned that all my sensed pretty much are a little to much, including my emotions.
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    Thu, July 20, 2006 - 5:56 PM
    Nux V, besides being about a previous life or something neurological, it could also have been something that happened very, very early in your life, before you remember. You could have had a bad run in with a tongue depressor in your very, very early life. I think it makes as much sense to guess it's about this life time as about another. Perhaps the feelings associated with memories formed early in this life and those formed in a previous life would be qualitatively different.
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    Thu, July 15, 2010 - 8:07 AM
    I have exactly the same problem, even reading your comments has made me feel physical sick, people can be quite cruel about it, some people at work think its really funny and chase me with lolly sticks in their mouths which is really unfair as another of my colleges also suffers from the same problem. I also cant stand touching my own skin in the bath when i have wrinkly hands, and rough textured clothes are a no go. This may be unrelated but i am also hypersensitive to touch, the slightest touch on any of my skin and it tickles, i cant stand my neck being touched either; if anyone touches my neck i become almost paralysed and i gag (no feelings of sickness though).